From world-class cheeses to Michelin-starred restaurants, award-winning farmers markets to effortlessly cool cafés, Ayrshire is a must-visit destination for intrepid foodies on the search for something uniquely tasty.

Set in the stunning West Coast of Scotland, Ayrshire is blessed with a set of characteristics that are perfect for producing fabulous food. A wonderfully mild climate and fertile land allow our Artisan Producers to create a range of delicious, fresh products– from award winning cheeses and ice cream to high quality vegetables, seafood, meats and dairy products.

So what makes this wonderful region so blessed when it comes to delicious, fresh and abundant ingredients? It could be the climate or the hard work and ingenuity of our producers. We like to think that there must be something in the Ayrshire...

In Ayrshire we have five typical regional products:


Ayrshire is blessed with a wonderful long coastline stretching along the South West Coast of Scotland. These fabulous fishing grounds are the source of a highly diverse range of wonderful seafood.


Ayrshire's Farmers have been rearing their livestock on the lush green land and in the salty sea air, throughout the generations. Our expert butchers and farm shops have a wide range of delicious, high quality local meats from pork and beef to lamb and chicken and meat produce such as local pies and special Ayrshire recipe haggis.


Ayrshire's Artisan cheese-makers have an expertise, knowledge and passion built with love and dedication over many years. Coupled with the delicious milk produced by Ayrshire's cows and goats it is little wonder that the fabulous range of Ayrshire produced cheeses continue to win awards year after year.


Ayrshire's wonderful, naturally fertile, sandy soils are perfect for growing high quality, delicious vegetables. From carrots, beetroot, leeks and broccoli to the famous "Ayrshire Tattie" (potato) Ayrshire's delicious seasonal vegetables are wide ranging and much in demand.

Ice cream

Thanks to year round, lush, grazing grass Ayrshire's cows produce the wonderful creamy milk that our Artisan Ice Cream Makers love. Renowned for its fantastic ice-creams, people travel to Ayrshire from far and wide to get a taste of their favourite local brands.

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