Food from the area of ​​the valley of the Dunajec and Biala rivers in Malopolska. High-quality local products are available in retail in store chains, like Alma, or on-line. You can also try many of them at one of festivals and foodfairs held in the LAG in Malopolska and other parts of Poland.

In Małopolska we have five typical regional products:

Raspberry syrup

Zakliczynski raspberry syrup has been a long-standing tradition. The secret of its taste comes form raspberries picked at small domestic crops in the Dunajec River Valley. Raspberries are grown with no chemicals, the only fertilizer applied is manure. Harvested manually just after drying of the dew on sunny days raspberries ensure the syrup quality and the aroma of fresh raspberries. Ready syrup is tasty and fragrant, very burgundy in colour. For generations used to beat the colds, as the addition to tea and a range of sweet desserts.

Rose Petal Jam

Rose petal jam has been produced in the region of Malopolska for over 25 years, and the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation. Rose used for the jam is rugosa rose, which is a kind of edible rose, and not ornamental or rambling. Flowers collection is from May till late September, though the best month to pick flowers is June. Rose petals jam is used for all kinds of baked goods: cakes, pastries, and doughnuts prepared on Shrove Tuesday in particular. It can also be eaten on bread or eaten directly, but then it is extremely sweet.

„Piękny Jaś” beans

The Valley of the Dunajec river is the only region in Poland where growing runner beans on a large scale is still popular. Taking into account the long tradition of growing beans, excellent soil and climatic conditions in the Dunajec River Valley, the fields location, seeds of high health, nutritionists' recommendations to consume legumes and the use of beans in regional recipes, seem to fully justify that this valuable local varieties entered the list of traditional products.

„Rzuchowskie” wine

Rzuchowskie wine is made of grape varieties of eastern Galicia not found in other Polish regions. In wine production, the location and climate are highly important, and Rzuchów seems to be perfect surroundings.No fertilizers, but for manure, are used to cultivate grapes retaining their natural sweetness, thanks to which sugar doesn't have to be added in the process of wine producing. Moreover, all work carried out on grapes, from nurturing through the collection of fruits, are hand-held. Wine is made in demijohns, which also affects its quality.

Sour pickles

Cucumbers pickled in wells have a long tradition. Immediately after being picked, cucumbers were placed into barrels or jars to extend their shelf life. Barrels were filled with cucumbers with a bit of horseradish, dill, garlic and salt, filled up with water and very tightly closed.Originally, the barrels were immersed in ponds, later on in wells, which ensured stable temperature conditions. Pickled is such a way, cucumbers gained a specific taste and aroma, as wells, just like ponds, delay ensiling process and reinforce their taste and quality.

Coming up...raspberry fruit from the valley of Dunajec and Biała rivers.

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